General Meeting of the Georgian Association of Mediators

07 April 2018

Please be informed that on April 22, 2018 at 12 o’clock general meeting of Georgian Association of Mediation will be held (Add: Tchavtchavadis avenue 1, Ivane Javakhisvhili State University, main assembly hall of first building). Please confirm attendingthe General Meeting by April 18, 2018 through the following email:

Also please be informed that members and the head of the board of association will be elected on general meeting. Members of the board can be any member of the association, we would like to remind you that one person can hold the position only twice in a row. Any member of the association has the right to nominate a candidate(s). To register as a nominee of the member of the board, please submit the statement and the approval of the nominee by April 15, 2018 through the following email: The applicant will receive the email to confirm the registration within one day of submitting the application, if the confirmation is not received, please contact us: 558 04 44 00.

In case of questions or opinions regarding the general meeting, please contact us:

You will be informed about any changes regarding the general meeting of Georgian Association of Mediators through email.

Best wishes!

Georgian Association of Mediators.